Thousand ways of disease

In a last post (in the Spanish blog) I said I’m a discreet woman. And I stand by, not trumpeted my role. But neither hide. As my bitch servant_of_Cruel says, each one ‘with their “cadaunadas” (eachotherthings).

But discretion does not stop me playing with my dogs in public. Is there anything more exciting than being in a conversation among vanillas and operate the vibrator dildo (my pet wear) from my bag while I look for a cigarette … or whisper obscenities in its ear in a crowded terrace while the chastity device that prevents an erection watching it uneasily in its chair? Or maybe, despite being two feet from me, send a text message letting it know what how bitch it is and what to expect when we get home?

Is it just me the only one who excites going to buy lingerie for it and make it try it in the store? And what fun it is to call it at work, where it has to hide its conversation with me?
See / feel its face sprayed tiny droplets of sweat, its color, its nerves …
The possibilities of morbid pleasure are endless still being discreet and my mind is very perverse. : D

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