The slave’s attitude

Do not try it, do it or don’t bother to start. I do not like things halfway or excuses.

If you wish to be considered as my property, show that you are.

It is not to do something to get something in return. Obey and maybe, just maybe, you’ll receive my attention if I want and I think it’s appropriate, otherwise we would be talking about a very different relationship. And is not the case.

I know who you are, I know how you are, I know what you need. Do not tell me your miseries,  I’m not interested. Tell me about devotion, dedication, easement. Show me your essence and you’ll be taken into account.

 I am picky and hard, I do not accept foolishness at my feet. The road of slavery is not easy, but though I try some and other slaves, just stick with the best.

Of what are you? those who waste by, or for those who will stay at my feet?

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  1. at your feet Mistress!


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