Collateral damage?

There are many reviews that I receive every day about the blog and my daily posts, allthough congratulations too, but that’s another topic.
I thank both because it is a sign that you read and follow me, regardless of the opinion that the way I live my life deserves you. Because it is just that, talk about my life, my experiences, my personality, my way of enjoying my life.

I do not pretend catechize about how things should be done (each one is free to choose his way to live the life), I talk about how is the mine.

I don’t gunpoint anyone to read me or to agree with me. What I do not understand is why you keep reading if you’re so horrified. Any hidden fantasy rounds and you do not dare to take? : D

I don’t psychoanalyzed anyone neither need conceptual explanations to live my life as I get the wins, but I have enough arguments to refute any of the “brave anonymous” if to bother to expose them, which is not the case.

Am I a Tyrant? Yes I am, my nick-name gives clues about me, because contrary to many nicks swarming the net, mine is quite descriptive. So … Where are coercion and deception? Who comes to me does it looking for exactly that, my Tyranny.

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