Generaly society tends to negatively label that things does not understand. For my part no problem, I love the underground, it powers the morbid of the “forbidden” and adds sauce to that unique complicity I stablish in my relationships.

But it is curious that the sub, for example, is still frowned upon these days. Much more slave, it seems that the word ‘slave’ is simply unforgivable blasphemy.

I’ve heard all kinds of malicious reviews, but the general view is quite deplorable. Slaves are branded lack of opinion, of being completely dependent beings and are compared to followers to destructive cults. Where is all that, I can not see it on mine?

I exercise control of each of my dogs, but they are not glued to me every second of the day. Everyone has their lives but are subject to me. I don’t like to get everything done, I’d rather go entering a mind gradually, appropriating what I find there and manipulate at will. I gain nothing of an inert being a robot, how boring! And I am not served by any puppet that appears, I like to create my own puppets my way: D

And, finally, where is the outrage if both, the slave and I, enjoy our relationship?

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