Eternal surrender

Want to give yourself to me? Ask yourself what you surrender first. Let’s be honest. Body?, soul and mind? Let’s see …

Body … yes, of course, that’s always the priority of all the dogs from the beginning of time (of their time, of their needs and demands). Being physically used is the most aspiration of 95% offered to me.

Soul … where is it? If soul means psyche, we’re talking about the third concept, mind.

Mind … With the delivery of your mind you mean that you give me part of your will, your volitional capacity to entertain me while I use your body? It does not work this way with me. I will use your body when I want to do it and if I want to. You know: when, how and where I decide.

And the culmination of the supposedly deep conversation is when I remind I am Financial Domme too (which was clear from minute one, as most of you know me through my blog and here I quote it constantly). Well, that’s the time when all that surrender we were talking about vanishes. Yes, yes, a lot of body, a lot of soul, a lot of mind … but not the wallet. Crisis, unemployment… lol. How quickly fade the eternal submission and slavery convictions.

I’ll say it again: I am Financial Mistress, if it is not what you search or if you’re not ready to be submitted by me, is easy, look elsewhere. I can not say clearer.

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