Sometimes there are mistakes and inadvertent errors, which can cause a slave given concern.

One of the greatest fears of a true slave is the ability to cheat on his Mistress. So internal reflections arise before guilt: why I did it, is it that I desire to be punished or draw her attention?, have I had in mind could be an failure?.

The next stage is denial: no, my only desire is to please, serve, please, never do nothing wrong on purpose. Finally comes the justification: I’m tired, problems, work …

When I arrive, I look at you and whisper that you will be punished by your absence. And I know it makes you feel better, because you have deposited decisions in me. Low head nod and agree.

World is not over, life goes on and the next time you will be more attentive to your obligations.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I am totally monogamous and would never cheat!

    slave braxton


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