Unsolved Mysteries

I have already spoken of the real slave, submissive beginning, fearing the start but feels inside that this is his way, of marauders who are just trying to waste my time… But from the virtual wildlife there are still other types of specimens. There is also the sub-Moovie.

Sub-Moovie is a character quiet, peaceful, correct and polite. In its relationship with me via email and social networks is a very nice little dog. His behavior is that of a gentleman and even overreact a little behaving as if he would belongs to me already, like his surrender to me were a fact already. Takes the necessary steps to get to my messenger obeying each of my patterns, and even there everything goes smoothly … until it is required in real, not a session, but a simple coffee in a public place.

Slavery fantasies behind the screen? I’m not criticizing that, there are many dogs that their personal circumstances can not get to personally experience everything they would like and is very respectable looking a virtual relationship. But then, where is all that real extensive experience the actual sub-moovie was speaking and repeating he needs?

Mysteries of the films: D

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