Tickle torture

Tickles are another form of torture. I personally love to immobilize my ‘victim’ and test his endurance. Many think it’s silly, but it can be a incredible suffering.

On the Internet we can find information about tickle torture: During the Middle Ages was a method of torture for the nobility, and that left no marks or wounds, homosexuals were tortured in this way (even to death) by Nazi soldiers, the Roman ankles tied to planks “honored” and threw salt in the feet, then loosened goats that produce their rough tongues tickled at first, but ended up in ampoules.

I expose this topic because it is a great and subtle torture and while many scoff at this technique, I have personally come to do crying desperately begging for respite. The struggle is inevitable by an automatic bodily response, hence the desirability of previously immobilized.

What about the technicality? Tickle Torture is Tickling Fetish.

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