The record straight

I do not accept slaves that seek a service provider. Even as Finantial Domme also, I do not care either, though their purchasing power is above average.
My filter is based primarily on observing your personality, because if not I’m attracted to that effect, there is nothing to do.

If, once I start to know you, your list of limits is too wide and I will not be able to use you as I pleased in my personal ethics, I will tell you that you are not accepted.

If we share interests, but not in terms of current practices, suggest a time test and if, after that time passed, has not evolved, I end the relationship.

I do not accept anyone who shows signs of having a mental health problem. I have been asking lynching deaths and amputations and I’m not willing to any of that. Nor do non-consensual blackmail, I demand the signing of a contract which specifies the duration and conditions, having entrenched clauses that protect both the slave and me.

I prefer few good than many mediocre or useless. And if you do not understand this post, you will not be accepted.

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