Have I ever mentioned that I’m whimsical? lol Well, I am. I love shopping with one moneyslave, paypig, ATMslave … (you name it).

It is fascinating to see how much you enjoy the order of “pay”, removing the card and proceeding to abide by while I delight watching the bags with a new pair of heels, a dress or whatever I have decided to take.

You pick up the ticket and bags and follow me pondering the excuses you have to give at home to justify these charges or how camouflage them. But I’m not interested in excuses, only your face of circumstances, this mixed feeling of pleasure / fear mingled.

A new perfume, spectacular boots, a corset, lingerie, sado toys, this bag would be mine … yeah, I’m definitely very whimsical and you love it to be able to pamper myself and continue to attract my attention to the small details that both enjoy.

Confess, my dirty little slut, you love that I use you in that way. Already imagining how and with whom will premiere those things that you paid? Vicious gossip! 馃檪

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