It is to generate responses or conditioned reflexes, motivation of empathy for performing certain tasks, education through a system of awards and punishment, behavior modification, mental interaction, self-assisted … Whatever name you say, this is shaping to be a slave and behave and desire to do so.

There are a number of mind-control techniques, but these techniques do not work with all and damn world nor the desire to do so. I submit those who are aware of this and yet they wish. I do not like zombies without any type of initiative because I prefer a rational been that surrender to me voluntarily.

I play with your psyche when you belong to me. And that you are owned involves your voluntary participation by desire and attitude. Confidence comes into play, which is nothing but a process related to integrity of both and that makes me responsible for everything that gives me. And of course, the another basic ingredient is complicity.

And here come the difference between submissive and slave, but I leave it for another time.

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