Those who discover FemDom usually come with emergencies to begin with rush surrender even, besides not being very selective, are shocked with rejections.

Let’s see, for a Lady orders you lick her boots, you have to get and work Forget the gum Dominatrix with whip in hand 24 hours because, although I exercise control, not interested the first to arrive and I do not entertain worms who can not catch my attention.

First of all you have to know what you need, define your fantasy driving and collate then with the interests of the Ladies. Repugnant to me, for example, which seeks a boyfriend relationship type or with hopes of becoming his FemDomWife. I’m not a housewife, slave Mistress’m enjoying the way I live. No boyfriends or husband, I love a slave is precisely why, my slave.

As a woman I like to be seduced, but not always affect my relationships is part of D / s, since it also gives me pleasure to allocate a property to turn it into a kind of numbered piece, reify and treat you devoid of warmth.

Nor do like those offered to all or flirting until they get ejaculate.

It is true that women are difficult, but the more a Dominatrix, sweetie 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Discovery is an interesting topic. I myself was born submissive. I have had these feelings all my life. I still recall childhood memories that let me know this is my destiny. But I never felt, I would know the right Domme until I found you!

    slave braxton


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