There are days when I wake up, connect the PC, I look over to the networks, e and cup of coffee and a cigarette I get to blog. Then if I’m still not quite awake (like today, for example), I wonder about what I write.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages and upload a daily post would not be different. For a side I know you like to read something new every day, even if brief, but from another perspective I think I’ll finish by repeating themes. So today I invite you to participate in some way in the blog by your suggestions on topics that you prefer or for which you would like to know my opinion.
Because that’s what I say: my opinion and experience whatever I write.

I’m not a guru who is in possession of absolute truth, the other myriad ways to live and enjoy life are equally valid if they are for participating. but this is my blog and I don’ t characterize myself by talking about other people or other ways of doing things, because I do not like to criticize.

And finally, the post is written, so tomorrow is another day 馃檪

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