Sometimes I wonder if you really read me. The hit counter is going up and many write to my email, but really read me or just look at the pictures? Internet mysteries.

The confidentiality provided by the network is immense, and even those who write me are also protected by the anonymity. Hence in my mail I find absolutely everything: the real submissive wants to know me, the one that only attempt a morbid conversation to jerk off, the undecided, the self-destructive lunatic, the mess that only knows insulting, the female slave who loves me without knowing me, the one which says herself Dominatrix and neither her believe it, my dearest friends ever, the typical heavy with a thousand questions to entertain, the psychoanalyze intended …

Yes, definitely there is everything in the virtual world,. Whether you’re a simply curious, a gossip of trying to imitate or that one that not only disagrees with what you read but also turn green with rage making … Welcome to my Domain.

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