Personal slave

At the insistence of applications on the same subject, I have to re-clarify that I have a slave 24/7 already and there is no place in my home to accommodate more slaves.

My house is not a mansion, is an urban apartment, centrally located and with enough place for two, for me and for my bitch​​. Sorry to disappoint all those who harbor hopes thereby serve, but although I appreciate the offers in that sense, I repeat that today do not need that kind of service.

Why nobody gives me a second home on the beach where will at my disposal? Or in a chalet in the mountains perhaps? Hahaha 🙂 Funny

I know many are sincere and would give me a wonderfully service, but I think I am very clear in all times and if I say I’m Financial Mistress not mean I have a charity to host and maintain anyone who approaches me.

We’ll have to wait until I win the lottery to take all personal slaves I dream about 😉

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