Internet is full of femdoms ads looking submissive, I think the offer is growing every day, or at least is increasingly evident.

There are all sorts of ways: the one who makes packs deals anti-crisis prices, the professional with a long history that knows her stuff, the one who was dedicated
something else but has seen her wield a whip out is more profitable, the amateur who boasts no tributes but accept gifts, good purchasing power and expenses paid
or she doesn’t accept anyone, the gullible one that everybody dizzy hopping one day meets the wonderful promises that all we hear daily of unconditional surrender…

Finally, there is a place for all. But this is my place, with my desires and whims, with my rules and my way of being and doing things: My Domains.

Nobody is forced to stay or read my words. So I and my writing every day, this is my world and this is my way of enjoying my life.

As I always say …Long live diversity!

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