Female Domination

It is difficult to give a concise definition. Around the world the term contracts FemDom.

FemDom is not just a word, to me is a feeling, a way of being and living, a personality, a way to act and behave. Be dominant does not mean being arrogant or dismissive, but to live with what is natural, what we breathe and the convictions we have.

FemDom is not synonymous with arrogance, but there is in how we treat those who belong to us. A Dominant Woman consensual with her submissive in principle about their treatments, practices, rituals, although within the limits of trying to overcome them and take them beyond where they thought possible.

For instance, a Dominatrix uses humiliation with her properties at certain times. But only with them, her properties. It is not extensible to other people.

I think that Female Domination is art, is poise, are gestures are behaviors, for me is my lifestyle. FemDom is nothing else than the control and domination of women in the relationships we build and not limited to certain types of practices.

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