You are bad used to, because I know you enter every day to see if I have already raised the new post (I’m a little witch) 馃檪

Comment on a phrase I spent last night: People who comes into your life and you passed bad is one that teaches you the most important lessons.

Indeed. When everything is wine and roses do not learn much more than to be led because you’re at ease and comfortable in that cloud. But  is in bad times where you see the reality and learn to be stronger and to surpass yourself.

Well, I’m not easy and life at my feet is not a continuous laughter. If your idea of submission or slavery is constant pleasure, forget it. There are hard times and others in which the routine is heavy. I can support you in difficult personal moments and to guide you in difficult situations for you, but I demand your daily effort if you are mine. I don’t like whiners or those trying to manipulate in any manner whatsoever. Although I am very accessible and sensible, my nickname was chosen for something and not just because it sounds good.

I know, the phrase of speaking has many more performances that I have given, but I give mine here 馃檪

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