Write a short article every day a lot of having to summarize each of the topics I discuss, but I take my licenses to develop them in different posts and the approach that I give to everyone.

Today I will talk again about the Goddesses of the flesh and the need to set foot on the floor (or on someone, here each choose).

It is not easy to judge oneself critically and admit mistakes without falling into self-justification. But the real power rests in knowing and recognizing our limitations and failures.

How could I continue to evolve as D贸mina if I do not continue to learn every day from my mistakes and from my submissives and slaves? I was born with instinct and dominant character, but knowledge is not innate, is something that is acquired if we take the trouble to observe and learn from those who surrender. If we do not know how they feel and what is on the submissive mind, we can hardly dominate them.

It is not enough to say I’m a Mistress and allow them to surrender. But hey, this is my vision and my experience. There are other 馃檪

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