You wonder pitch difference between my website and this blog. On the web I call anything but handsome and the blog is smooth.

Do not call a hoax. I am in both sites, CruelDama. I’m so heartless witch who has no second thought to those who need my coldness and detachment as CruelDama you read here every day.

The blog for me has become a “dear diary” in which I am not addressing a particular slave type, but both you and myself, because it is still my view of my life and Female Domination in general.

I have no two sides, but my personality is not unidirectional and my life is full of facets and interests. Why limit myself to one practice when with the fun of jumping boundaries and enjoy everything the slaves and FemDom I can provide me?

You say that the blog is very informative and I’m glad if you used to answer questions or learn new things, but I am also the Lady CruelDama of the site.

For those who do not know, here is the link: http://esclavizadoracruel.wix.com/ama

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