Yesterday, in a social network, a submissive wrote: Why so many submissive without Mistress if there are so many? Will they shit at every opportunity? They are Dominant, no girlfriends.

In my opinion that reason is only one of many. There are countless types of relationships Mistress / submissive and, if it is difficult to find an ideal relationship in the vanilla world, in ours it is much more.

A Dominant woman imposes her conditions and, if they are satisfied or you don’t agree with them, the relationship is not possible.

Could it be that we are beings capricious, demanding and very clear ideas? Absolutely. A Mistress does not suit your wishes, you who must conform to her.

The submissive is disclosed, comes with some desires and specific needs, weigh pros and cons of the possible relationship with one Mistress or another and from there decide if he try to catch the attention of some (or if you wake her admiration). The submissive always has the possibility of choice, as there is bound to nothing for his role, only have obligations to the Mistress that is surrender. And speaking of submissive, not slaves.

We must also have to be prepared to take steps to realize his fantasy or his need to belong.

Of course, all this refers to real submissive, not many of those submissive nicks found in chats and social networks, which I include so many nicks of Dominants that in two phrases that were removed around the character. But although it may seem otherwise, this is not a criticism, I think everyone has the right to have fun and if that were full, it’s perfect.

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