A warning

I’ve talked before about the dire consequences of pride and arrogance in a slave. It’s not easy when you bend it has never had to do it for real (the occasional pantomime humility not count).

Think completely out of the class is allowed to question the decisions of his Owner, let alone who dares to go leaving trails of criticism and provocation. There are times when you are allowed a free talk, where you can provide feedback (although the Mistress reserves the final say), but the slave will present what is his site at all times.

There are slaves in their everyday life (work, family) are used to having control and find it difficult to assume that, once handed over power to his Mistress, although  they are dominant with the others, he has to change the chip with Her. The Mistress is not going to take the relationship like you want to take and things will not be like you want them to be. You have accepted these conditions and you will abide.

If I say that a table is white, although my slave sees it green, but he has allowed his opinion on the color of the table, the table will be white from now and will refer to it as’ the table white ‘.

I just believe in my decisions and when to apply a punishment or corrective. I reserve the exemplary punishment to absolutely intolerable situations. But also there, so it’s best to think before barking.

You guessed, this post has addressed 馃檪

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