Any woman likes to look pretty and attractive and, although genetics is not favorable, today we can all make do and care to be desirable.

I may not be a great example of care, and I do not even get a simple agreement moisturizer daily. But I feel lucky with my genes (if you knew my age you’d be amazed) and I suply not being the queen of youth and unquestionable beauty with a strong personality and security in myself.

Today’s post I dedicate it to all those women with complex and low self-esteem, all who are not aware of their value and hide behind the neglect and loneliness.

What does this have to do with FemDom? Easy, I know both as a submissive as Femdoms with major insecurities. In both cases these problems block the development of their personality. What kind of domination can provide a self-conscious woman? What type of surrender will give a submissive who considers herself a broken toy?

Obviously, these questions are also applicable to the male gender. I think that to get into this world must tread safely and before involving others, our self-esteem must be balanced.

Madam, do not have perfect legs? Sure your skill with genital torture is impeccable. Let’s find our best qualities, they are there 馃檪

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