We all have fetishes, some common and some less common. We look for beauty and aesthetics because it suggests the pleasant, though not always.

Impossible heels, used underwear, sweat, feet, dirty talk, leather, gloves, hair, boots … everyone has their preferences.

Fetishism is the use or attraction of symbols (fetishes) which is given a special use, beyond the usual. And this brings anything to which our minds award that value.

The transfer of power can be a fetish, Mistress’s personality, the use of protocol … Not only are fetishes objects, which can be considered as such and their ramifications are endless.

Aesthetics FemDom not without elements to excite and let your imagination. And of course, as good manipulative, I use those objects of desire at my convenience. I can even use them as a reward or punishment, as they are still capable of working activities in mind that domain.

Some of the mine are in the left column. Do you tell me your accounts? 馃檪

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