male and female slaves

By now the blog you know I have both male and female slaves and the differences between them are important (in addition to the anatomical and biological).

The purpose of all, regardless of gender, is serving and, thereby bridging the personal satisfaction of submission.

But there are notable features that set them apart. In very broad terms I can name a few. The submissive / slave female requires a more emotional and intense feelings about, it means more that way in the relationship. Male slaves are more ‘hard’ and put before the Mistress is sadistic, with ability to command and feminine, while females seek honesty, responsibility and intelligence.

The submissive man is perhaps more fetishistic visual and women and more instinctive. Psychic structures are different but, although the triggers are not the same, the goal and purpose of both is the same: to be submitted.

Whatever the primary stimuli, submission is the ultimate (gender and even sexual orientation aside).

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