The necklace is one of the most representative symbols, or at least known, Domination / submission, and even though I see how much people play down with these things, to me is an important value.

A collar means belonging / property, but represents the intangible, binding to other levels. I quote a line from a book I guess we all know: What is essential is invisible to the eye.

But I am not very much in favor of ceremonies and rituals. My collar impositions are most ‘sui generis’. ‘ll Understand if I tell you that I put one next to a taxi stop smoking a cigarette. Of course, my decision to impose it was very thoughtful, but without ground red and white roses, environments with symbolism and condescending words.

For me a collar is integrated into daily life and there I take. The surprise of the bitch in question was comical as he asked: So, no more? My answer: Sure, are not you mine? assuming it shut and go, bitch, turn around to buckle.

Shortness romanticism? No. If you could see hia face and his nerves as he stroked the necklace in the taxi that took us to a party, would understand that not only had assumed, but he would take care that necklace and all that it meant (and means) more than himself.

I’m not into mysticism that last as a heater, I prefer the reality and the real implications.

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