Funny how a financial slave is discredited. Not to mention the Financial Mistress, which is compared with a sex worker. And by the way, although not irrelevant want to make clear that prostitutes have my respect, the work they do is commendable and nothing about ‘easy life’, they would work very much.

But today’s topic is neither prostitution nor financial domination, but financial slavery in which there are different types of subject.

A financial slave, blackmaild or moneyslave is less submissive than one that does not surrender anything more than his body a little while or given when he does well and the rest of the time dramatizes surrender skits in social networks?

There is a false belief that a moneyslave pay for some services and nothing further from reality. He meets the standards of his Mistress and submit to an economy mode even. I do not act as a slave supply me, but as I want to do at all times and the slave will do what was told with the addition that has to provide cash paid in addition to my whims. I neither attract nor pursue tricked anyone, and whoever comes to me does knowingly and being constantly aware of my demands.

Not go into the value of a Dominatrix or another because they have it all somehow, but if you compare the balls take someone who undergoes a consensual blackmail, for example, with a submissive who only see online … I’m sorry, but the first show and the second is a sticky distraction.

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