There really morbid situations, even though the person whom you are you know from three days ago or a just moment where things flow in a natural way.

With some applicants but no chemistry and we try hard to extend possibilities and expectations, if there is no such feeling, everything ends in failure.

But when that chemistry can even breathe right from the start, is indescribable.

The other day I went out to dinner with one of my candidates and from minute one we were both very comfortable. There were lots of laughs and lots of good conversation. He remained in his place while being himself and endured my ‘surprises’ and romps with his mind like a champ.

A pinch on the ass in front of the restaurant, a light touch with my gloves on his face when sitting, the granting of a request in the table back from the bathroom, the nerves of a particular conversation in the car that made ​​him jump detours and had to go around to take me home …

Yes, definitely, the naturalness of spontaneity is incomparable when there is chemistry.

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