These wonderful dogs

I love being pampered.

Yes, absolutely. My dogs have to be very detailed and watch for me.

Do you know how feel those dogs tied to a sign in front of a hotel or a shop, without removing eye of the door that its owner has gone? That’s the way.

I do not leave you tied off (I think it would be frowned upon), but that feeling of absolute loyalty and the party that assembled themselves jumping for joy when they saw the owner, touched me.

Is there anything more wonderful than the devotion of a dog for its owner?

Although owner ignore it, the dog is still there, when the owner has to punish it, is still there, if the owner is going a few days, the animal waits patiently for the turn, warmly welcomes the attention he gives and returns multiplied the love that is given.

Has anyone been indifferent to see the movie based on true events ‘Hachiko’?

I love dogs, have the number of legs they have.

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