My readers

Some days, like today, when I sit at the screen thinking about what I will write. It is not easy to develop a theme and condense it into three or four paragraphs, taking into account that I’ve talked about so many things,

When staying in person with one of my regular readers, they know me so much (three months old having the blog) that left me surprised. Sure, they’re only three months but with a daily post and that goes a long way.

That one which collect my sentences in a folder and other cast only a cursory glance. Which also has a folder / sanctuary with my photos and even walking all sites and social networks looking for my profiles.

And for the latter I’ll say my nick is CruelDama from years ago, although some sites Ama_Ana is my record. Ana is my real name, as I have nothing to hide because even go openly on the net, here I leave other data.

Thank you all for joining and follow me in this short space of time, you are the perfect incentive to stay in the gap;)

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