Yesterday, eating with a friend, we talked about submissives and slaves. She defended the position that slaves are all the same and I do not agree with that.

Her argument was that no matter what a submissive prefers or needs and she is not in favor of dialogue. Well, this is where we collided laughingly ironic because while there are a slave to that I can become my puppet no right to reply, there are others I have to go guiding and manipulating to be and behave as I want.

Nor will a series of repeated clones because supremely bored eventually.

For me each slave is different to others and gives me different things. I have in mind their personalities and, although the end of the training of all is to please and serve me, I revel in the road ahead.

That road full of obstacles, sweat, laughter and tears for me an incentive. If the training of submissive bores me or submissive doesn’t progress or motivates me to keep playing with him, and he’ll be relegated and left out.

Finally we come to a conclusion on which we agree: both (she and I) are selfish, manipulative and demanding, but with the delicious added that they love us this way.

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