I will not say how many necklaces are on my stable because that is a personal issue, but there is a little dog that has shown not only interest but also perseverance and devotion to his Mistress, who got along wonderfully well, so last night was imposing necklace.

Nor will I describe the meeting and give data on the sub, the privacy of my own to me is important. You know me, both in writing and through my photos, but mine are private property.

And I see that you do know. The other day one of you recognized me walking around Sol (the center of Madrid), trembling approached me and asked: CruelDama? I smiled trying to locate him but did not sound at all. Was identified as one of my readers and we talked for a while.

It’s nice to meet you and make sure you follow me (and while you see I’m real).

Do not feel disappointed by my new purchase, you know that I am Mistress of several slaves and if the interest is real, my conditions are met and got to that point of complicity and confidence, could have a place at my feet also for you.

Definitely, last night was a special night, the beginning of a career in which my submissive will struggle to overcome the obstacles that arise (and those myself will put in his way).

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