Each of my slaves has a place in my life. With some I have more contact with others, but each and every one of them are important to me. Everyone assumes that none enjoy exclusivity, that I made ​​it clear from the beginning and although discomfort may arise at certain times, finally know what your site, the site you are privileged to occupy.

Not everyone agrees with the system of stables, each chose our preferences and, although I do not share a D / s monogamous, I respect it, but years ago I decided not to put limits on myself and enjoy everything gives me the lifestyle I have chosen.

And, by extension, mine are where they want to be, nobody is forced to accept my conditions to force.

I am not in favor of making mixes, each mine is required at the time, but slaves have some contact between them, which I have never banned, as it has come to pass that some seek (and find) support siblings of submission.

I know this is a controversial issue in certain environments (like virtually all topics which concern me), but it is my life and this is how I want to live it.

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