Mental Domination

Physical domination, without adequate prior attitude, just get hollow rituals without much significance.

The submission begins with the surrender of the will, but if that supply does not include the psychological aspect, it becomes a simple theatrical.

The power of the mind is the greatest stimulant: feelings and emotions that I appropriating and grow as the relationship progresses. And, of course, in any act of surrender (and acceptance of such surrender) there are risks. I acquire a number of responsibilities on everything that I do, but I think that “risk” another incentive to work with.

Mental Domination is not to create robots, but lead and train a mind to learn to order their priorities (logically pursued him in the minds of my slave is that priority be me). But this is not to forget his personality, but it’s the same for me and that this situation, serve, make him happy.

There are things that change (behaviors, actions, expressions), but what I wish is that my dogs are in tune with me, get that magic that feeds my instincts. I can get physical domination at the time you want, anywhere, but if it comes with a mind subdued, will be a “here I catch you, I’ll kill you here” unimportant.

I like to own, enjoy with a mind of my own, an occasional hard sex not fill me, I need to sacrifice and surrender my prey.

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