In BDSM is much talk of SSC (Sane, Safe and Consensual), but there are some initials with which I take communion toobecause I think the “safe” is very elasticIs that all practices are absolutely safeeven taking precautionsthere are certain risks or inevitable?

Slave David Stein established the SSC to early 80s to somehow rule a series of practices outside the BDSM community were associated with abuse and even mental illness (someday our wonderful paraphilias” will be discontinued as such by WHOas has been homosexuality).
 Maybe I’m more inclined to the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kinks), a term coined in the 90swhere there is a possibility of risk, which is borne by all parties involvedAlthoughto be perfectly honestwhat I really prefer is the meta-consensusin which the submissive / slave puts his confidence in my expertise. Logicallyto reach a meta-consensus is needed a consolidated relationship, then there must be a thorough understanding between the parties to enjoy the full trust.
I’ve developed a very broad strokesbut there is a lot to say about each of the acronymsbut I leave a general outline and would be good to investigate each in turn, as a bit of BDSM culture never hurts and so I I open a small range of possibilities.
SSCRACKmeta-consensus  Can you tell I always try to exceed limits馃檪

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