Meetings and partings

Life brings constant changes, evolutions of situations and relationships. And mine was not going to be different, lately there are many developments in all directions. There are new and aspiring submissive and other old relationships are finished.

Someone mentioned in a social network that the only right of a slave is to terminate the relationship with his Mistress. And I completely agree with that, respect that decision but not what I want, because I only take decisions on those who really want to stay on my feet.

It is not welcome news because that little dog had long been with me, but that’s life, changes, news.

And you will think that good … I have more slaves … True, I have more slaves, but no supplies to another, they are all special. If one leaves, no other will equal or occupy its site.

I’ll take everything I’ve lived with it all these stories, joys, sorrows, memories, facts will always be there, in our minds.

Wishing him the best for this being that has given me so much for so long, I continue with my life, with more meetings and partings, because that’s the sauce all, evolution and change.

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