Walking tall

Today is one of those days when my mind races and I’ve almost finished the lit cigarette to sit at the screen.

Anyway, let’s focus, as the day is long and my dreams, sooner or later, will eventually materialize. And I have many dreams and goals are many, many things to do and many decisions to take.

I am a dynamic woman, I like to control everything and open new fronts because Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And there’s so much to do …
With age I have become final, in my belief, the security of knowing what I want and fight for it.

Responsibility is something that is assumed and demonstrated, not just a word to fill the mouth and look good. In relations with mine I’n capricious, but not fickle. When would I get is silence, because although I laugh a lot of everything, there are things that I take very seriously and admit no nonsense at times solemn and important. And that same seriousness is what I demand, although perfectionism begins with a single.

Working with actual surrender, but surrender is always true that, because no material available to me I can not build anything, the smoke fades, I demand realities. I am already old enough to entertain building castles in the air or fantasizing about what could be.

What about you, are you real? 馃檪

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