Last night, at dawn, one of my faithful dogs was pleasantly surprised me to offer something that is an important sacrifice for him.

I got to spend the afternoon and dinner with another of my submissive, willing to break up on the bed and enjoy a foot massage my slave (damn precious stilettos!), But usually online late to mail if I have not been home all day and there is something to be solved, so I expected a pleasant surprise.

I will not say what it is, is very personal, but it’s those kinds of things that move me.

When they offer me something that is difficult to carry out, which is a great effort of will (and I can say that he is and will be a great sacrifice), I feel a great personal satisfaction. My puppy will work in an area that is difficult, but I have been offered voluntarily undergo a tremendous test surrender and makes me proud to have him.

These little big things make life wonderful. The pleasure of feeling powerful assuming the true control and check it gives me all the confidence they place in me, is huge.

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