I still disconcerting the claim by some when they arrive with the typical sentence: “I want you to hunt me and submit me.”

If you come predisposed to be hunted? And, qualifying, your idea of ​​hunting means hard casual sex, sometimes it is good to call things by their name. For me “hunting” has many more connotations not so obvious at first glance.

You can try to get my attention, you can try one approach, but if I’m not interested in anything you tell me, if you come with covert demands on the type of relationship you want, if your list of preferences precedes a proper presentation, if partridge trying to pump me tide, if you intend to have fun endless talks … I’m not interest.

My “hunting” may not be the one you have in your head.

First seduce me with your attitude, show your interest to know me and do everything that I want to meet you. Thereafter, if the piece deserves my attention, I will unfold my gear same manipulation to you fall into my net, and forget about such silly clishes.

Get down from that enormous ego, I am who decides what type of hunting interests me, If you come to which fills your needs and fantasies is not the same that if you come to satiate mine (to serving Me). Weigh advantages and disadvantages of being a notch in my cross, my feet get to be or simply be ignored.

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