Slavery or wannabe pretensions?

I know, I’ve written about this topic, but I have to repeat it even with another approach.

Countless emails Mistresses receive from dogs dominate swear up and his irrepressible desire to surrender, to worship us forever, to get our feet immediately and unconditionally.

All very nice and ornate, but (oh, the “buts”! Always “buts”) I have ways of checking your email on a simple truth back, putting a simple test in which the overwhelming majority does not return to reply. All those promises magically disappear at the first demand (and with them the above).

Let us understand: I respect everyone plays as he pleases, which flirted networking and chats without further goal that the straw from the moment, the film is made with those who prefer that others get created the film, they want to live a slave to the letter, which each have fun as you like or can. But what is that I do not consent to take me for a distraction.

I am very clear on what I want and what I am, never deceived anyone. Moreover, I am extremely honest (here and in real life). Who does not know yet that CruelDama is also Financial Mistress?

I think it’s quite logical that if you do not want to please me in all my needs and if you’re not sure of something useful, continue your way. Of course logic is sometimes so hard to understand … 馃檪

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