Play it safe

I’ve been called rare … rare because I am assertive?

I assure you that I am a very normal woman, I go to the bathroom like everyone else and eat twice a day, a woman with many flaws that loves to look beautiful to seduce.

Now, if by “rare” means direct, dominant, assertive, bossy, controlling, or something similar, then yes, I’m rare.

The adjective came from the mouth of a friend, also Dominant. Yes, it was a joke in a conversation between us, but warned her that I would publish while we laughed to ourselves. So I dedicate today’s post to LadyHardChastity, a beautiful female, much more than a friend. In our FetLife profile figure there is a open relationship between us and I know you love to have more data, but here I put a veil of mystery and so I quit.

And, as I know you read me … dear, you lost the bet, you get to pay for dinner where you know: D

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