Some things do not seem consistent. And today I mean behaviors and reactions.

Why people riding those films in the head and then they can not face reality? Unsolved Mysteries.

Not for me to solve, I have more things to do in my life than chasing ghosts outside, but there are sayings about, for example the “falls before a liar than a lame”, without going any further.

I like to observe and giving free rein before deciding, because the evolving eyeing a possible prey, I just know a lot more than the dam tells me. And of course, then there’s no surprises.

I will not change my habit of omitting data that do not concern anyone but me, but I stress that is not the same discretion that naivete.

And now to enjoy a sunny day, I have a million things to do and so many projects to start. Life is wonderful and so much to live … 馃槈

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