Permanent marks

I’m not in favor of permanent marks because life takes many turns and what today may seem eternal, can be finished tomorrow. Relationships usually have an expiration date, some last longer and some are ephemeral.

Let me explain. I do not like that a slave comes to me with the brand owned by another, nor I am pleased that someone who no longer consider of mine looks mine.

I’ve done some discrete branding and scarification, that continue to be an example of submission and, in a way, a romantic act to strengthen and reaffirm the surrender.

But these days I granted a tattoo with my necklace to someone who truly feels and has shown me (and it shows) every day that I own.

A change of opinion, both as a deserved point.

And I still feel the same, am not in favor of permanent marks, except in such cases as special in the years of servitude to verify the authenticity of those brands.

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