I read maledoms around phrases like: In BDSM esteem must be earned and lost the fear, if the opposite is not BDSM.

Let’s see … Then what will it mean humiliation, I have puzzled? Does not a humiliation of BDSM practices? Does psychological sadism either? Come on, someone explain it to me, quick! : D

The FemDoms not nullify personalities, but (I’m not the only one) found great pleasure in crushing an ego at certain times and in a mind fuck, play with the psyche of the subject increases their humility.

Do not mind enjoy manipulating, just a pussy? Too bad, I like to manipulate everything, but hey, is that BDSM is yes, you go to know …

Beautiful words to attract submissive or not they have achieved flee? (It escapes me who dominates whom in a relationship, but it is only my opinion).

Personally entertain fled cuddle my slaves with excessive, because that only makes their slavery and destroy their servitude.

Call bitch, bitch, bitch my slaves (dirty talk) humiliates not only raises their sex drive. But if I play with a mind and enjoy creating certain amount of anxiety for the attention does not spread, have you not BDSM?

Oh, I know, do not go by perquisites of pamphlets and do what I please with those who wish I do so.

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