More braying

Too bad I have to go back on the same topic, but I think it should be clear that in this blog are allowed all kinds of opinions, reviews, presentations and comments, provided they do not fall into the insult, defamation or offense.

Today I deleted three comments as usual, a sad be devoted to trying to discredit every Mistress he finds in the network. His nickname, of course, is Anonymous (courage is remarkable, hiding behind anonymity is amazing value).

I have suggested that moderate responses appear so to have to pass visible filter leave your email, but now I have no desire or think about it. I’m traveling, enjoying a brief vacation with one of my dogs and I think I can postpone such decisions because I am very busy with myself and do not want interference negligible.

Nor Outstanding blog, so I’ll see blurring braying when and if I do not see … yourselves can see the caliber of the ass in question.

In any case, everyone (yes, you too, Anonymous hooked on my blog) I thank you for reading me and continue feeling you across the screen 馃槈

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