Everyday pleasures

There are many small details in a D/s relationship everyday. No talk of a session itself but of “different” usual behaviors between Mistress and submissive / slave who become enjoyable routines.

The simple fact that my submissive open the car door for me to enter or leave before getting behind the wheel, eating in a restaurant discreetly supporting my heel on his genitals under the table, that wonderful oral foot massage after an afternoon of shopping with impossible heels, that fresh coffee in bed trying to wake up while we discuss what we will do during the day, hilarious laughter for any nonsense just before using it ruthlessly …

Yes, definitely, there are thousands of small pleasures constant in my life and enjoy it fully.

I know that the power and savor every moment is the key to everything working properly and the magic to flow in abundance.

I use to repeat that my life is a source of satisfaction and love squeeze. But even with certain established routines, there is always room for improvisation (also’m unpredictable and surprises are a great incentive).

And the greatest pleasure is nothing but the sight of my slave proud to serve and please me learn to anticipate my desires.

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