No treatment equally to all my slaves. Each one gives me different things and each inspires me different things.

Not that consents to their preferences because, although I can keep in mind, every time I decide what I want of each.

Some are feminized at certain times, but others do not want to see them that way, some endure extreme session and others have a very low tolerance for pain (which is educable, but it takes time).

It is desirable that they and I enjoy the relationship and, although they suit my whims to please me, I know how far each, even forcing limits.

And they are very different from each other, not only physically but in their personalities and the type of D / s relationship with me. There are always things to fix (a training never ends), but so far I’m happy with my property.Eye! we do not rest on our laurels, we already know that no one is indispensable 馃槈

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