Doesn’t work

Any woman (and more if Dominant) is used to praise, compliments and flatter. And yes, we like to hear nice things, but not too much, because we also know slimy differentiate a few words of sincere.

It is not ye constantly telling us how wonderful we are or what we are gorgeous, yes, we like it, I will not deny it, but ends up boring so insistently.

In some cases it may even cause rejection and this effect is enhanced to infinity if I see you use the same technique with other Mistresses, all reject the submissive that is dedicated to offer to others or who flirts with all.

The need to have a text stored in a notebook that works to send through a copy / paste to whichever Mistress comes across.

Nothing like the natural, be yourself, those endless emails or messages to your list of preferences say a lot of you (not just good).

Changes tactics, we do not like idiots, slimy, the list or the whiners. Do you offer to all, you offer to complain, you offer yourself to fulfill your fantasies and needs? Go further, first are mine;)

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