Hormones and neurotransmitters

Although it sounds a little hard, I am convinced that human been is addictive in nature. Some opt for some kind of drug, others for gaming … and we’re hooked on the excitement. The torrent of substances secreted by the body as adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins are a source of great pleasure. An athlete gets to suffer withdrawal symptoms the day that do not practice sports, since the lack of these substances in his body is remarkable.

And in our FemDom universe neurotransmitters work impressively. An example, norepinephrine is strongly associated with the setting on “high alert” in our nervous system.

I will not make out with technicalities or brain synaptic processes, investigate on your own if you are interested in the subject, but it is possible to explain a state of sub-space or a pressing need that desire blackmaild release of brain chemicals through the fear of the consequences of the huge risk taken.

I like “playing” strong, is your case?  馃檪

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