I deserve the best.

Yes, yes, you read right, I said I deserve the best. Fear not, I have not had an attack of arrogance, only found a reality. I am Female, Dominant, sure of myself, I have tables enough to know what I do and how I do it, I know what I want and how I want. I’m bot an explosive girl already, but I know myself leverage that would blow over and I have one very clear that I own my own life (severity, included demands and whims).

At this stage of my life I do not waste time with detours, I take what I want from what life offers me without external constraints or paralyzing conventions.

But this does not mean I have a maddening behavior treading others with intolerable rudeness. I’m abusive, tyrannical and despotic with my properties, but that does not extend to the rest of the world.

I pride myself on being a pretty accessible, I laugh a lot of everything and with everyone, but I know that I deserve the best and I take it.

Certainly not deprive yourselves of sense of wonder of my impudence, I love your awake disparate emotions: admiration in my followers and disappointment in my detractors 馃槈

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